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Oven Tripping? 5 Common questions

by mbalistica

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Oven tripping your entire house again?

Oven tripping is a common problem in our humid climate. Singapore. However, many people only discover problems with their ovens during festive periods because that is when they start to use their ovens. After preparing all the ingredients, they attempt to preheat the oven and it blacks out the entire house!

We at Mexif have put together some possible reasons why ovens cause tripping in the house.

We do not encourage any DIY or self diagnosis hence it is always prudent to seek professional advice from a qualified technician specialising in oven repair to prevent any mishaps.

Possible Reasons That May Cause Ovens To Trip
How To Prevent Tripping
1. Oven not used frequently
When an oven is not used frequently, there is a very high tendency for it to trip when turned on to very high temperatures. Moisture in the oven causes a direct short circuit causing tripping.

2. Short-circuit in the oven
Another possible reason that has caused your oven to trip is a short-circuit. Faulty components or wear and tear of components can cause tripping to protect the user.

3. Ovens draw alot of power from wiring as well as power points. Over time, these fittings can fail causing tripping as well. Improper wire sizing and wrong power points used can also cause oven tripping.

1. It is recommended to use the oven at least once a week to prevent moisture from accumulating inside the oven. Turn oven to grill mode for 15 to 20 minutes once a week at a temperature of 150 degrees. This evaporates any remnant moisture preventing tripping.

2. If you do use your oven frequently and find that it trips the house, an internal component could be faulty. It is advisable to do a proper diagnostic check on what parts are required to be replaced.

3. Internal wiring and power points have a lifespan of roughly 8-12 years depending on usage. Improper connections and faulty power points can also cause tripping. Our technicians are able to replace necessary components if needed.

Owners should not forget the simple steps and procedures to ensure their oven operates according to specifications. Regardless of the reasons that cause an oven to trip, turning on the oven regularly is definitely a solution to prevent it from tripping. Do not attempt to change any components you are unfamiliar with. Always seek professional advice from relevant specialists.

In conclusion, Mexif is always ready to provide professional service and knowledge for any of your appliance issues.

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