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Kadeka Wine Chiller Repair

At Mexif, we understand that wines should be kept at their optimum temperature. Any deviation can cause the wine to taste different or even spoil. Kadeka Wine chillers do break down and when that occurs, we are here for you.
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Kadeka Wine chiller repair Singapore are getting more commonplace in condominiums and houses. As more customers appreciate wine, they require wine chillers to store their prized collections. Kadeka fridge repair is required as more units are in the market. Like all appliances, wine fridge repair is prone to failure as well. 

Kadeka wine chillers are designed specifically for storing wines. It preserves their flavours and keeps wine fresh for longer periods of time. It also allows you to truly flaunt your wine collection in style. But when it comes to dealing with Kadeka customer service singapore, they do not get the required maintenance and servicing. It is also common for Kadeka wine chillers to break down causing wines to spoil, improper cooling or humidity or compressor issues.

If your Kadeka chiller stops cooling properly, it can be extremely frustrating to lose those expensive wines. What’s going to happen to your wine collection? There are many reasons why your wine chiller might not cool as well as it should.

Here are some common issues that your Kadeka chiller may face and why you might need a professional to conduct a servicing or routine check if you cannot contact Kadeka Customer Service Singapore.

Issue with Compressor

Normally the first signs of Kadeka chiller repair needed. A compressor failure or refrigerant issue can cause the Kadeka wine fridge not to be cold. Insufficient refrigerant or blockage causes the compressor to overwork. This in turns wears out the compressor hence requiring Kadeka repair singapore. We have the tools and capabilities to solve most compressor issues so contact us today!

Power Control Unit

Faulty PCB can also cause incorrect temperature. As the PCB acts like the brain of the Kadeka wine chiller, without it, temperature cannot be reached spoiling the wines. It is advisable to get a qualified technician to check the Kadeka wine chiller Singapore. As the PCB are model specific, the right part is needed for the chiller to function well. 


A faulty thermostat can also cause your Kadeka chiller to fail. Incorrect temperature can cause wines to go bad needing Kadeka repair singapore. By replacing the thermostat, the wine chiller will run at optimum temperature keeping your wines at the perfect temperature. 


Wine Chiller Leak

A faulty thermostat or compressor can cause excessive condensation causing major leaks or minor leaks in the Kadeka Wine Chiller. Rubber seals for doors and position of the Kadeka chiller plays a part as well. Locating the chiller in a hot place will cause the compressor to work extra hard reducing the lifespan of the Kadeka Wine Chiller Singapore. 


Broken Fan

Fans are crucial for the internals of the Kadeka wine chiller. It ensures proper cooling for all models under Kadeka wine chiller singapore.  Fan failure causes temperature to fluctuate spoiling your wines. Fan replacement will solve these issues and keep temperature constant. 

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