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Is your Smeg oven tripping the whole house?
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Smeg Oven Repair – Top 5 Common Oven Problems

Smeg Oven repair in Singapore has one of the highest rates of success among all other appliance repairs. Smeg Ovens are one of the least sophisticated appliances in the kitchen and most of them do not have many parts in them thus making oven repair a relatively straightforward job with relevant experience. From oven tripping to oven not heating, having a faulty oven is definitely very frustrating. Here are the 5 most common oven problems that different households face in Singapore.

  1. Smeg Oven repair for not heating

When the oven is not heating, most people will suspect the heating elements. Although heating elements are responsible to heat up the oven, it may not be the cause of it. Control switch, power point, wiring, control board etc. could be possible causes. 

  1. Smeg Oven repair for over heating

When the oven is over-heating, thermostat or temperature sensor could be faulty. Thermostats are supposed to regulate and control the temperature to ensure your food does not burn. A faulty thermostat fails to cut off the current supply to the heating elements.

Another possible component could be the thermal fuse. As ovens draw a lot of current, it is meant as a safety device to cut off any current if the temperature of the oven reaches too high.

  1. Smeg Oven repair -For tripping ELCB

Normally due to leakage of current to the ovens body as a component has failed or short circuited. As the oven is made of metal, certain contact points touching the oven may cause a trip as well. Do not turn on the appliance further or attempt to repair as you may get an electric shock. Get  your oven repaired before turning on the switch or it might trip and damage other appliances. 

  1. Smeg Oven repair – For tripping 

Smeg Ovens draw a large amount of current from the power point, overload due to moisture in the oven due to under usage can cause tripping. A shorted component can also cause built in ovens to trip the entire unit. We strongly advise to contact a qualified repairer to check the oven and solve the tripping issue before continuing to use it. 

  1. Smeg Oven repair for no power

Smeg Ovens may experience no power due to various reasons, the most common issues are electrical related. A loose wire or melted wire can cause no power or faulty components in the oven as well. Smeg Oven repair will allow the oven to function as per normal after a proper diagnosis and finding the root cause. 

Smeg Oven Repair Service

If you are looking for professional and reliable Smeg oven repair service, feel free to contact us today to make an appointment. Our service engineers will definitely be able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and the most economical solution for your built in oven repair problems. 

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